Mason McCaskill

Mason McCaskill is from a sweet little town called Chapin, South Carolina – the home of the eagles, one lane roads, a Hardee’s, and good old fashion fun.

Mason graduated from Clemson University in South Carolina in 2014, and started in Marketing and switched/finished with a B.S. in Graphic Communications with a minor in Business Administration. 

Being creative is not something he can turn off, so when he’s not shooting videos for work, Mason likes to unwind by… shooting videos. He just digs the whole gamut of production – project setup, logistics, pawning Brandon to write concepts and scripts, the technical setups, scouting, and ultimately, live production. 

There’s a ton of stuff out there he wants to learn, so that keeps him busy reading books or learning from others. Mason just enjoys creating – be it modifying his house or throwing a wrench at a motorcycle (what he usually ends up doing whenever he can’t fix one).

Mason was in a rap group for 4 years, and then became a heavy metal vocalist in the latter days of his short music career. Feel free to ask him for a link to his Soundcloud.