Jeremiah Berkheimer

Jeremiah comes from the land of chili dogs – but you might know it as Cincinnati, OH.

He went to Northern Kentucky University for Graphic Design, a school where the only wateringhole nearby was an Applebees. So it was obviously a party school.

Jeremiah’s is both an Art Director and a primo Animator. What he does at work changes depending on the day and whom you ask. If you ask his mom, she’d say “Jeremiah makes cartoons…like the kind you find in the Sunday newspaper.”

Outside of work he spends his time taking photos and making cat-related art with his wife…like comics…the kind you find in the Sunday newspaper.

His feline obsession doesn’t end with cat art. Jeremiah also has a cat stroller, a backpack, and a kitten-sized denim jacket leash so he can take his cat running, hiking – or in the front yard for all the neighbors to judge him (just because his cat’s denim jacket looks exactly like the denim jacket he’s wearing).